Chaga + Coffee Blend

Chaga + Coffee Blend


For the coffee lovers, Otzibrew combines 100% wild harvested Chaga with award-winning Johnson Brothers coffee to enhance your coffee experience.

In the 175g pouch there is 20g of Chaga.

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  • Chaga compliments coffee, adding a subtle flavour and richness, also reduces the caffeine intake by 20% per serving.

  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, GMO-free with no additives or preservatives.


A nutritious, coffee with a twist containing the groundbreaking health benefits of one of nature’s most incredible resources – Chaga.

The Chaga mushroom's properties are no secret in northern and eastern cultures. It has been used for thousands of years. There is a long list of benefits but just to mention a few, Chaga is an excellent source of manganese to help with cell repair and boost the immune system.


  • 20% Pure Siberian Chaga

  • 80% Coffee from Central America

How to Brew

Please see our detailed instruction HERE →

Warning: Works best with a cafeteria. Due to chaga’s very fine powder coffee machines might clog up.


We offer weight based and speed pricing. We only pass on to you the cost the carrier charges us, nothing more.


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